Terms of Use

Dexterux is committed to superior web and app experience, but bugs may exist where your feedback would be appreciated.

Any loss incurred from misbehaviour of Dexterux website or Dexterux apps would not be compensated.
Data would not be collected from Dexterux website or Dexterux apps, while some app technical data may be collected by App Store providers for reporting technical statistics like crashing accidents.

Please follow requirements of the App Download pages to avoid any crashes that may incur other problems.
Dexterux does not launch any alliance promotions with other organizations, and does not post any non-Dexterux related advertisements or links to retail products within this website or Dexterux apps.
Private personal info like phone no. or ID no. would not be collected. Cookies are not used, but information like preferences, continual reading bookmarks, password requiared contents will be stored within browser local storage for fluent user experience. These information is saved offline, and is not transferred back to Dexterux server for further uses.
Please feel free to report to Dexter for any suspicious behaviors of Dexterux website or Dexterux apps.