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randPix, a utility app for creating wallpapers and background graphics.

The app helps you to create wonderful graphics in comfortable colours. In the simplest way, 5 steps would bring you a nice picture.

In case you want to find tune it, reposition some elements, exploring different combinations of effects, you can also do so through customizations.

Try now, and get your unique picture!

Known Issues

Current Version (v0.974):

  • User Interface - Traditional:
    Cannot resize the sizes of the docked windows

Read fixed issues...


Core Functions:

  • Random Wallpaper creations
  • Use and Blend Photos as Background Image
  • 4 Core Patterns with Customization Features
  • Layer / Element Views and Editing
  • Save, Share and Set the Picture for your use

User Interface:

  • Dark / Light Mode
  • Deterux / Traditional Panelled Environment
  • Mouse / Touch Capable
  • Languages: Chinese (TW/HK), English (US/UK)
Version Notes

v0.974 (Oct-26, 2018)

  • New Feature: Themes can be ordered now.
  • New Feature: Layer can have control over whether to use color emoji, and whether to have background borders.
  • New Themes: "Brave Yellow", "Pure Jade", "Retro Grey", "Vibrant Orange", "Epoch Green"
  • New Text Types: "Pumpkin", "Halloween"
  • Significant Improvement: Image saving/copying is faster on powerful computers
  • Significant Improvement: Flyout engine has been rewritten with support on latest blurry background design and more fluent experience
  • UX Update: Numerical values can be adjusted through scroll or drag
  • Other UX Improvements
  • Bugs Fixed

v0.973 (Jul-04, 2017)

  • New Feature: Theme Editor
    Note: The "File Size" options are now in "Background Properties".
    Theme editing feature is not arrived yet.
  • Bugs Fixed

v0.972 (May-25, 2017)

  • New Feature: Advanced Color Picker
  • New Theme: "LGBT"
  • New Text Types: "Forbidden Sign", "Sparkle", "Zodiac", "Gender", "Gender & Orientation Symbols"
  • New Opacity Gradients: "Stripes", "Zebra", "Emphasis"
  • Significant Improvements: Portrait Mode Toolbox are more fluently displayed
  • Significant Improvements: "Back" button is supported for context menus
  • Other UX Improvements
  • Bugs Fixed

v0.971 (Mar-01, 2017)

  • New Theme: "Dexterux", "randPix"
  • UX Improvements
  • Bugs Fixed

v0.970 (Feb-26, 2017)

  • New Pattern / Spread: "Squares", "Text", "Stripes" Spread: "Line"
  • New Feature: Photo can be specified in Each Layer
  • New Feature: If only Color / Opacity / Theme is updated in Layer Properties, the Pattern won't be affected
  • New Feature: Immediate Updates after Pattern / Theme is changed
  • New Feature: New File (Window) is usable now (Phone won't have this ability)
  • New Feature: Jumplist is supported now
  • New Feature: Updated "Random" Themes
  • Significant Improvements: Speedy and Responsive Element Moving
  • UX Improvements
  • Bugs Fixed




  • Windows 10 version 1809


  • CPU 2.5GHz or above
  • RAM 4GB or above
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