Dexter's 1st Solo Trip
Taipei | Apr, 14

After my graduation, I decided to go for a solo trip to Taipei.

I had received a job offer before my graduation, which was planned to start just a week after my final university examination. To plan with my last but one-week-only summer holiday of my school life, I'd like to make it exciting and memorable.

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Day 1
Hakka Cultural Park Banqiao Ximending
Day 2
Xindian Creek Dazhi Dahu Park Daan Park Monga Sanxia
Day 3
Taipei Zoo East Metro Mall Xinyi
Day 4
Beitou Guandu Tamsui Shilin
Day 5
2014 Taipei Xmas
Taipei, Keelung | Dec, 14

It's Christmas time, a high time for another trip again!

With some arrangements on the schedule, finally I decided to go for Taipei in early-Dec.

Let's explore deeper in the culture and beauty of Taipei!

Around Taiwan
Kaohsiung, Taipei, Keelung | Sep, 15

It's a trip again! I've named the trip as "Blue Sky with Clouds & Blue Ocean". Just as what I've expected, the weather is so nice that it'd be possible to take more scenic photos in Taiwan.

The location I pick this time is Kaohsiung, which is my first visit to the city. As far as I know, the number of scenic spots is not very intense, so I plan to travel back to Taipei on Day 3 with High-Speed Railway.

2015 Taipei Xmas
Taipei | Dec, 15

In this year, I have save a little bit more than planned, so I spent part of it for a Xmas 2-day short trip to Taipei.

Again, I come back to Banqiao for the Xmas event, with 3D light show casting on the Christmas Tree. This time, I travelled to Xinyi for more sightseeing of Christmas decorations.

This time, I had a discounted hotel room in Luzhou. It was a chance for me to have a small trip around this local place.

Summer South Taiwan
Kaohsiung, Tainan | Apr, 16

In recent years, Kaohsiung has been evoluting as an international tourist spot. More and more sites are constructed, and this is the reason for me to travel there again.

The weather was very good compared to the trip in Sep 15. It was nice to take photos on the blue sky.

It was also my first time to visit Tainan, a city with numerous historical sites. This was really a fruitful trip.

Bonus: Summer Taipei
Taipei, Keelung | Sep, 16

I earned a bonus in this summer, so I spent a portion of it for a short summer trip.

It was a hot topic of Pokemon Go at that time, so I'm also the one to catch them all in Beito. I did not go to many scenic spots this time, but to have a slow pace, visiting local areas and enjoy my holidy life here.

2016 Taipei Xmas
Taipei, Keelung | Nov, 16

After so many solo trips, this trip was for my family. As if my first time for Taiwan, this trip re-visited many top scenic spots in Taipei.

However, weather was not very great. It was a special experience to visit Jiufen with heavy flog.

In this year, the Banqiao Xmas event is very well decorated with Tiffany blue lightbulbs, and with a wide 3D light show on the government building in addition to the Xmas tree.

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