Xinyue Bridge
A remoted place
Perfect Blend of Architecture with Natural Beauty

Xinyue Bridge (新月橋) is located in New Taipei City. It is a bridge connecting the shores of Hsinchuang and Banqiao, passing across the Dahan River. The bridge is built for pedestrian and cycling use.

The Hsinchuang end is next to the Hsinchuang Temple Street and the Xinzhuang Metro Station, while the Banqiao end is close to the Banqiao 435 Art Zone. The core bridge is 300m long, and it takes around 10-15min to walk through it.

Although one side of the Bridge is next to the city area, the riverside is naturally preserved. This bridge has blend the modern architectural beauty with the natural environment.

Sunlight, Breeze, Sky, Grass
Breathtaking View of the River

The Banqiao end of Xinyue Bridge is located at Xinhai Artificial Wetland. Although the biodiversity is not very wide for medium or large animals, this is a good place to touch the nature within a few steps from the city center.

There is a cycling track next to the Dahan River. If you'd like to go cycling, this is a good place for you to travel here and take a deep breath in the natural atmosphere.

In the Xinhai Artificial Wetland, you can find curved paths, ponds, and wild trees; these scenaries constitues a beautiful natural landscape. There is a power tower at this end. If you'd like to take a shot on the entire bridge at this shore, you'd need to walk in the wetland on the other side to grasp the view.

Passing through the embankment, there is a bus heading for Banqiao city center; on the other hand, it takes around 5 min to walk to the Banqiao 435 Art Zone.

Not only Artistic
But as a Suitable Community Public Area

Not only Xinyue Bridge is a pedestrian and cycling bridge, it is also a community public area. There are totally 4 recreational platforms along the bridge, equipped with wooden seats and decorations. The areas are also designed in streamline and the seats are aligned inwards to create a recreational area.

At nights, citizens nearby come here to have a leisure time. Families and couples are gathering here, having a small chat. Sometimes, street performers also come here, singing songs or whatever that will make you smile.

The arc of the bridge near Banqiao end is larger, which takes around 2/3 of the entire bridge. This section is specially installed with a "Sky Walkway", where you can walk on the glass floor, viewing the Dahan River under your feet. For those who are scared of height, you may choose walking along the adjacent walkway with normal pavement.

The Sky Walkway is less scaring at night. You can't see the river in the dark environment; instead there are colourful lights blinking on the glass. Such vibrant decorations look more interesting and attractive.

Light up the Night

After 7pm, the Xinyue Bridge regularly stages a light show for every 30min. The originally blue-lighted Xinyue Bridge would become colourfully painted.

Under the light show, it seems like you are on the stage. With vibrant colours rhythmatically casted, every visitors are delighted and enjoyed with this marvellous bridge. Let's enjoy the night!

Xinyue Bridge
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